Requirements for Admission

For Regular Members, requirements include:
1) Letter of request to the President of Pan Corneastating desire to become a member of the Society.
2) Letter of recommendation from a Pan CorneaMember
3) Curriculum Vitae summarizing general data,professional development, and time dedicatedto the areas of the cornea and ocular surface,publications in peer-reviewed journals and/orpresentations in high-impact regional/globalmeetings in the above mentioned areas.
4) Diplomas of their medical education,ophthalmology residency and fellowship training
5) Applicants will be periodically evaluated bythe Board and might be asked to present a lecture/case as an entry thesis at the PAAO or Pan Corneabiannual meetings.

2019-2021 Board of Directors

President – Juan Carlos Abad, MD
Vice president – Daniel Scorsetti, MD
Past President – Victor L. Perez, MD
Founding President – Jose Alvaro Gomes Pereira
Member Coordinator – Andres Rosas, MD
Secretary Treasurer – Guillermo Amescua, MD
Regional Director Coordinator – Enrique O. Graue Hernandez, MD, MSC
Director of Communications – Alfonso Sabater, MD, PhD
Representative of PAAO – Mark J. Mannis, MD, FACS
Representative of APABO – Luciene Barbosa De Sousa, MD

Scientific Advisory Committee – Richard L. Abbott, MD, Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD , Carmen J. Barraquer Coll, MD, Rubens Belfort Jr., MD, PhD, Denise De Freitas, MD, Enrique L. Graue, MD, Ana Luisa Höfling-Lima, MD, Enrique S. Malbrán Sr., MD
  Brief History of the Society / About PanCornea

The Pan-American Cornea Society (PanCornea), formerly known as Ibero-American Cornea Society, is an independent, international society, which has as its mission the promotion of exchange of technical and scientific information among the ophthalmologists of the Americas specializing in cornea and external eye diseases.

Objectives of the Society

To achieve this mission, PanCornea will act to organize and disseminate specialized information through conferences, meetings, academic events and publications; and incorporating study groups for different topics in cornea and external eye diseases, including dry eye and ocular surface.

Please attach: Letter of request to the President of Pan Cornea,letter of recommendation from a Pan Cornea Member,Curriculum Vitae summarizing general data, professionaldevelopment, and time dedicated to the areas of the cornea andocular surface, publications in peer-reviewed journals and/orpresentations in high-impact regional/global meetings in the abovementioned areas and finally diplomas of their medical educationand ophthalmology residency and fellowship training

Letters, CV and diplomas *