One to Three Month


The “Pancornea Observer Fellowship Program ” supports promising young ophthalmologists from Panamerican countries to enhance their acknowledgment and broaden their perspectives in the subspeciality of Cornea, Ocular Surface and Refractive Surgery.  

The program’s purpose is to provide interns with an overview of the subspecialty. The interns will be able to observe the use of technology, facilities, and surgical techniques in charge of the Latin American centers of most excellent reference, prestige, and academic quality in a period from 15 days to 3 months depending on the center.

The Pancornea observership program is offered in the following subspecialties:

  • Cornea
  • Ocular surface
  • Refractive surgery

Please see the current criteria and application requirements below, as this will help you complete the application process:

Applicant Requirements

To meet the eligibility requirements to apply for an observership, candidates must:

  1. Have completed their residency training or be in the last year of the residence program before applying.
  2. Applicants who have enjoyed the “Pancornea Fellowship Program” after completing their subspecialty in cornea must commit to applying to be a member of Pancornea.
  3. If the rotation center requires it, the interns must collaborate in research activities that the director of the center will assign.

Countries and centers involved

Nombre del centro de Rotación: Instituto Scorsetti SA
Adherido a la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad del Salvador en Buenos Aires
Medicos encargados: Daniel Scorsetti
Periodo de rotación: 1 a 3 meses
Aplicaciones: Abril 2024
Fellowships: córnea y superficie ocular, córnea y catarata, córnea y cirugía refractiva (son 3 distintos)

Nombre del centro de Rotación: Oftalmosalud Instituto de Ojos
Medicos encargados: Luis Izquierdo Jr, Maria A. Henriquez, Jose Lievano.
Periodo de rotación: 15 days to 3 meses
Periodo que se recibe aplicaciones: Todo el año.
Periodo en que se realizan las rotaciones: Todo el año.
Contacto a donde enviar la aplicación:
Fellowship focus: Córnea y cirugía refractiva. 

Nombre del centro de rotación: APEC Asociación para evitar la ceguera en México
Staff de enseñanza: Dra. Ana Mercedes García Albizua
Periodo de rotación: 15 días a 3 meses. Todo el año de acuerdo a disponibilidad. 
Periodo que se recibe aplicaciones: todo el año 
Contacto a donde enviar la aplicación: 
Fellowship focus: Córnea y Cirugía refractiva

Nombre del centro de rotación: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute 
Staff de enseñanza: Dr Alfonso Sabater, Dr Guillermo Amescua, Dr Jaime Martinez 
Periodo de rotación: 1 a 3 meses (una persona por año)
Todo el año de acuerdo a disponibilidad. 
Periodo que se recibe aplicaciones: todo el año 
Contacto a donde enviar la aplicación: ,
Fellowship focus: Córnea y enfermedad de superficie ocular

How to apply? 

How to apply? Observership applicants must send the following:  
  1. Letter addressed to the president of Pancornea requesting which observership program they want to participate in and indicating their current position, center, and country.
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. Letter of recommendation.
  All the above information needs to be sent to the following emails:  and to email from the center to which you are applying. Please use the following title in your email: “Pancornea Fellowship Program”.