The Pancornea Fellowship Program supports promising young ophthalmologists from Panamerican countries to enhance their acknowledgment and broaden their perspectives in the subspeciality of Cornea and Ocular Surface.  

The program’s purpose is to provide interns with an overview of the subspecialty. The interns will be able to observe the use of technology, facilities, and surgical techniques in charge of the Latin American centers of most excellent reference, prestige, and academic quality.

Please see the current criteria and application requirements below, as this will help you complete the application process:

Applicant Requirements

To meet the eligibility requirements to apply for an observership, candidates must:

  1. Have completed their residency training or be in the last year of the residence program before applying;
  2. Applicants who have enjoyed the rotation after completing their subspecialty in cornea must commit to applying to be a member of Pancornea.
  3. If the rotation center requires it, the interns must collaborate in research activities that the director of the center will assign.